Warning for those who use Klamath River


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) – The Yurok Tribe Environmental Program warn all water samples within the Yurok reservation have low levels of toxic Microcystin.  

In addition, lab results report the presence of Anatoxin-A in the water samples taken below the Weitchpec offices. 

Because the lack of scientific agreement on level of Anatoxin-A that may increase the risk of adverse health effects from recreation – a precautionary measure has been implemented to keep the public safe.  

The Klamath River from Weitchpec to the Glenn is posted at a level two warning, due to the presence of Anatoxin-A. 

And, from the Glen to the River Mouth is posted at a level one, due to a presence of Mycrocystin.  

No Anatoxin was detected from the Roy Rook Boat ramp in the Klamath Glen or from samples in the estuary.  

Extra care should be taken to avoid accidentally swallowing river water.  

Do not enter the river if you have cuts or abrasions on your skin. 

Use caution when entering the river at slow flowing areas or in back eddies, as algae and toxins may concentrate in these areas and be unsafe. 

Those who use the river should always avoid contact with water whenever noticeable surface concentrations of algae or an obvious bright green to blue-green appearance are evident. 

According to Yurok officials, blue-green algal blooms are often patchy in nature, which may limit extensive sampling in all areas.