Educational monthly beekeepers’ meetings move online


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)-Members of the Humboldt County Beekeeper’s Association are trying to adapt amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

According to Board Member Jeannine Kaprielian – trying to organize their monthly educational meetings has been both logistically and technically a major challenge. 

“I was not tech savvy and I’m still struggling to learn technology, because now we need to do things online,” she said. “We’re doing zoom meetings; we have another board member that’s taken on the role of hosting zoom presentations.” 

This month’s general meeting will focus on winterization and mite control via zoom session starting at 6 Thursday evening.  

There will be 30-minutes set aside for a question and answer session – followed by a presentation at 6:30 p.m.  

Those interested in joining the meeting will need to download zoom on a desktop or laptop computer or the zoom app on your phone.  

Kaprielian says, Humboldt County has a unique environment which allows their bees to collect pollen all year round – a fact known to experienced apiarists. She says, the best way to learn is through their fellow honey farmers.  

“We learn from our bees but we also learn from each other and you know, what practices work and information is best shared locally to help beekeepers know how to adjust their timing and management,” she said.  

Join the Humboldt County Beekeeper’s Association’s Facebook page for a code to join the virtual meeting, or click here, or call (707) 496-3524