Hollywood Stars Terrence Howard and Aaron Eckhart Confirmed to Film in Humboldt County

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Humboldt County, Calif. (KIEM) – Film Commissioner Cassandra Hesseltine can finally confirm some major stars will be coming to town soon. Terrence Howard and Aaron Eckhart will be filming a movie titled Afterward with indie film maker Dito Montiel who has directed movies with Hollywood heavy hitters including Al Pacino, Liam Hemsworth, Emma Roberts and Channing Tatum to just name a few.

Pre-production for this film started before the COVID-19 lock down in March and all staff went home. With the help of the Health Department a plan has been put into place that exceeds the 22 page white papers that outlines filming in California during the pandemic. Hesseltine’s biggest priority is to her community.

The North Coast has already seen 4 productions since lock down restriction have eased up including one that brought up their own lab and tests all staff daily.

This film will be shot through out Humboldt County and some sets will be more public then others. All involved ask that if you see what looks like a film crew to please give it space. You might run into them but do your best to stay away from them.