Tribal Council orders still active and will be enforced, Hoopa officials say.

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, (KIEM)-Hoopa Valley OES want to remind Hoopa Valley community members – the shelter-in-place order, travel restrictions and the 10 p.m. curfew are all active and will be enforced, according to Safety Officer Abe Camez with the COVID-19 Management Team.

“With everything that is going on around us, we have to stay the course limit your outside,” he said.  

Hoopa OES urge their community members to follow instruction amid the wildfire and COVID incidents affecting the Indian reservation.

Practice social distancing, travel only for essential business, wear face masks, when and where required, wash your hands often for a minimum of 20-seconds and sanitize your hands often.

The hotline is the best way to request supplies and obtain any and all COVID-19 related information, that number is (530) 625-8100.