Humboldt NeuroHealth offers neurotherapy to local community

EUREKA, Calif (KIEM)- A local neurohealth clinic in Eureka is helping to strengthen the lives and health of families and children in the community.

Humboldt Neurohealth offers three different services to help bring a sense normalcy back to individuals lives.

The counseling services are taught by trained clinicians who use different modalities to help with emotional distress and mental health problems.

The clinic gives you the option to have a neurofeedback therapy session, EEG technology is used to help train the brain to work more efficiently, but a new wrap around program has seen success with assisting adopted kids in the community.

The program is a team approach to help families whose adopted children are at risk of being uprooted from their homes. Staff has set sessions to be one on one with children to address past trauma and encourage health communication.

Executive Director Jennifer Brown states the best part in helping clients is to see them prosper one step closer to a stable mental health state.