Arcata resident agrees that homeowners are responsible for sidewalks


ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- The city of Arcata sent out a reminder to home, business and property owners that they are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks around their property.

 “It’s supposed to be maintained, I mean, I know that,” said Mike Sinsabaugh, an Arcata resident.

Sinsabaugh says that these sidewalks need some cleaning up.

“I think they need to be cleaned otherwise we just have…it just gets greener and greener,” said Sinsabaugh. “If you look down at that corner down there it’s just greener and greener all the way across the sidewalk it’s never been cleaned out it’s just, it’s overgrown and it’s like no.”

Sinsabaugh agrees with the city about the local homeowners having to maintain the sidewalk.

 “Because that frees up the city’s funds to fix the potholes and some of these streets or fix some of these roads here in Arcata and make it a little bit safer and nicer to go around here or ride your bike on because some of these roads are really bumpy,” said Sinsabaugh. “We can spend the money on that instead of having the money spent here.”

On the flip side, we spoke with some landlords and business owners, that did not want to be on camera, and they said that it should be the city’s job to keep the sidewalks clean.