“We’re not out of danger yet,” says meteorologist for Pacific Gas and Electric


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)-Due to peak winds and the driest conditions of the season, Pg&E has turned off power for safety to about 361,000 customers in targeted parts of 36 counties and 17 tribal communities.

Scott Strenfel with PG&E says, “we are not out of danger, yet.”

“And I will say that we’re just entering kind of the most dangerous period of this event and for the next four, five hours we will see winds really ramp up,” he said  “We expect the peak tonight to be over, basically the peak is going to be later tonight, overnight into Monday morning.

“We’ve been talking to the National Weather Service and other federal forecast agencies and all other agencies are aligned to be, and will be the strongest event of the season.”

Strenfel says, there are multiple red flag warnings in effect in “pretty much” all of Northern California.

More than 7,000 customers and 239-medical baseline customers in Humboldt County are impacted, according to PG&E.

This includes 1,060 customers and 56-medical baseline customers from the Hoopa Valley Tribe Tribal Community.

Eighty-seven customers and four medical baseline customers from the Yurok Tribe Tribal Community and 42- customers from the Karuk Tribe Tribal Community. 

Once safe, PG&E will restore power in stages – as quickly as possible –their goal is to restore power within twelve daylight hours after severe weather has passed.

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