A ribbon-cutting ceremony for a revamped bike park in Fortuna”

FORTUNA, Calif. (KIEM)- The City of Fortuna has a revamped bike park and will celebrate with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday at Newburg Park.

The improved bike park has been turned from a dirt track to a paved track so that kids can use the park year round.

It has also been expanded to accommodate smaller children that want to use the park.

There was no money used by the city to improve this park. It was all done through donations and volunteer work.

“The good thing about doing a ribbon-cutting tomorrow it’s kind of the official opening for it,” said Cameron Mull, Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Fortuna. “It’s just to let the community know at large and let the media know that this place is here and encourage youth to come down here and ride at this pump track.”       

The park was finished this past Saturday and kids have been using the park but the City of Fortuna wants to make the opening of the park more official and socially distanced.

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