Michelle Bushnell ahead of Estelle Fennel in race for 2nd District Supervisor


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — According to the latest results released by the Humboldt County Office of Elections, Michelle Bushnell is leading incumbent Estelle Fennel in the race for 2nd District Supervisor.

Per the 3rd post-election report released late Friday, Bushnell has secured just over 51% of votes, and Fennel having just over 48% of votes in her favor.

The race isn’t over yet. According to Kelly Sanders, the county clerk and registrar of voters, there are still votes that need to be counted.

“What we have left to process are 2,500 provisional ballots, and those are distributed county wide. We have been receiving vote by mail ballots in from voters who had either forgotten to sign the return envelope for their ballot or had a mismatched signature. Voters are still able to correct that up until this Saturday,” according to Sanders.

Sanders says the results of the presidential race will be certified December 1st, and the remainder of the election will be certified December 3rd.