Christmas tree sales in Eureka started earlier this year


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- It’s early in the season, but it seems like local Christmas tree lots have had more foot traffic than usual.

Christmas tree lots in Eureka have had more people go to buy real Christmas trees and earlier than ever.

“We did notice a big increase in sales the first, opening weekend this year,” said Brian Ferlan, the owner of the Mountain Fresh Tree Farm. “People were definitely buying their trees early.”    

Some of these lots decided to open earlier because of the higher demand for trees this year.

“You know, we opened a couple days earlier than normal,” said Daman Mullins, the owner of Daman and Kim’s Christmas Trees. “We had been getting a lot of feedback from people that wanted trees for Thanksgiving so, we tried to accommodate that and opened up two days before.”

The owners of these lots say that there are a number of reasons driving the uptick in interest.

“I think they are wanting to spend some good quality family time at home this year and just immediate family and want to spend a little extra on the real tree,” said Ferlan.

More people are staying home for the holidays amid pandemic restrictions and with holiday parades and festivals being canceled…families are looking for a safe way to create special memories.

“I feel like people have just been more isolated at home and just ready to get the holidays season here,” said Mullins. “So, people are coming out earlier this year and looking for some kind of joy and want to move past this man and get to Christmas.”                        

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