Paramedics authorized to administer COVID-19 vaccines


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- The State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority has authorized paramedics to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

Last week – Humboldt Bay Fire was asked to assist the Humboldt Public Health Department with their ongoing large-scale COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

North Coast EMS, Humboldt Bay Fire fighters and paramedics can now administer vaccines at a public health satellite clinic.

The public health run clinic is through invitation only – and are given to first dose adults in phase 1-A category – which includes health care-related organizations.

Public Risk Reduction Specialist Amy Colin says, the department jumped at the chance to help.

“We going to have our personnel out there helping for at least two weeks then we’ll kind of re-evaluate from there, whether or not they still need us,” she said. “But we are committed the safety of this community and this effort.

“I work in tandem with emergency response were not just emergency response. We are also proactive and want to proactively help the safety of our community.”

The vaccination clinic will continue through January 22nd 2021.