Police asks public for help solving missing persons cases


CRESCENT CITY, Calif. (KIEM)- A recent missing persons audit at the Crescent City Police Department showed 30 missing persons cases still open.

Redwood News sat down with the Crescent City’s Police Chief Richard Griffin says some of these cases are more than 10 years old with no new information or leads.

His mission is to close all open missing person cases – but to do that, he need the public’s help.

What started off as 30 open missing persons cases dwindled down to eight.

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“Just seeing if we could close out some. And we had some really, good luck,” said Griffin. “We were able to close a couple more with good investigation on that.

 Which now leaves five open missing cases left to close.

“One was more recent that we took, a runaway juvenile, she’s not a cold case,” he said.  

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He’s referring to 16-year-old Courtney Blakely Nash- who has sandy brown hair and brown eyes.

According to Griffin, she ran away from a vehicle on the 600-block of 5th Street in Crescent City on January 6th, 2020.

Nash has be seen on the south side of Crescent City in the area of Elk Valley Road and Highway 101.

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 “It’s the age, I mean, I would be concerned if my daughter missing, ran away,” he said.  

Griffin says there’s a lot of danger out there.

“That mixes into the human trafficking element of it too,” he said. “That’s definitely a concern.”

The next case involves a 31-year-old woman named Jessica Walker last seen in Crescent City back in 2014.

She’s believed to have travelled down to the Solano County area before possibly making her way to Michigan.

“Were just trying to get that out there to see locally, in those areas if people see her,” he said. “Based on that history, she’s still alive.”

Griffin says her family is desperate to find her, Walker is 5-foot 3-inches tall, with red hair and blue eyes. She has two distinct tattoos on her chest and forearm. 

Anyone with information connected these cases is asked to call (707) 464-2133

There are still three open cases left to solve, click here for the story.

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