City of Eureka offering community grants up to $500 for neighborhood projects


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) — The City of Eureka’s Economic Development Division is offering grants up to $500 for residents that want to complete some sort of volunteer project in their neighborhood. Eureka residents 18 and older, as well as non-profits are eligible to apply.

“We want to create a neighborhood support network system throughout the community to increase resilience and create community spaces for people that feel uncomfortable in their neighborhoods,” according to economic development coordinator Christine Tyson.

There are 5 categories for eligible projects, and must be happen within city limits. They include: communications, like designing a neighborhood website, outreach and marketing, like creating welcome packets for new residents, neighborhood identity, physical improvements, such as median improvements or public art, and special events like community clean ups or other gatherings.

“Of course we can’t do those at this time, but that could be something in the future that they could plan,” Tyson adds.

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While the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, some people are looking ahead. Eureka Mayor Susan Seaman says this gives residents an opportunity to think of ways to bring the community back together after such an isolating time.

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“This is a great time, like I said, to start thinking about what we want to do as we’re coming out of the pandemic to reestablish our neighborhood and our community and our relationships with each other,” Seaman says.  

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Grant recipients will be required to submit a final report once the project is completed and will need to include receipts, summary of successes, and photos of the finished project.

Grant applications can be found on the City of Eureka’s website. They’ll will be accepted until funding runs out.