The HSU bookstore is moving to downtown Arcata

ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- The Humboldt State University bookstore is moving to downtown Arcata.

The bookstore will be moving to the former Pacific Outfitters building just off the plaza on G Street.

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The university says that it has been looking for ways to help students connect with and feel welcome into the community and when this opportunity arose, HSU just couldn’t pass it up.

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“So, we’ll have a good opportunity for all of our signage and visibility there for really bringing the campus to town, in addition to the natural history museum just up the street really tying in some more spaces for community and gathering and programming for our students,” said Todd Larsen, Executive Director of University Center for HSU. “So, it’s a perfect location. Not very often do those come up.”

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The bookstore is expected to open its new location by July 1.

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