Photo ID needed to get a Covid-19 vaccine, won’t be asked for Social Security number or citizenship status

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — There have been reports in other parts of the state, and across the country, of people being asked to provide proof of eligibility to get a Covid shot either with a state issued ID or Social Security number. This can create barriers for immigrants and undocumented residents.

Public Health officials say this is not the case in Humboldt County. They are not aware of anyone being turned away because of a lack of documentation. Citizenship status is not requested at any time during the registration process. The county is asking for any sort of photo ID, like a Costco card, to ensure that the person who made the appointment is the same person coming to get vaccinated.

“As we move into using MyTurn in Humboldt County, there will be a website that will guide you through how to make the appointment, what makes you eligible, and what you will need to bring to your appointment,” according to Lindsey Mendez, a member of the Covid-19 Vaccine Task Force.

The state’s MyTurn notification and scheduling program is expected to be rolled out widely this month.