Laurel Tree Charter School held it’s first ever Spring Maker’s Fair


MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. (KIEM)- Local artists and faculty from the Laurel Tree Charter School in Arcata, came together to host the school’s first ever Spring Maker’s Fair in McKinleyville on Saturday, May 1.

A few local artist in the community were trying to figure out a way to help other artists and they thought a fair would be a great way to help.

So, when they were looking for a venue they remembered that

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The laurel tree charter school bought a four-acre parcel on Murray Road in McKinleyville.

“We started using this site and then it kind of continued to evolve into more outreach for the school,” said Melissa Fletcher, owner of Salmon Berry Prints. “Since we want to really get it out to the community that they are going to be built on this site and it’s going to be a future location for the school.”      

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So, Laurel Tree decided to use the connection that these artists have and partnered with them to hold a fair, not only to help out the local artists, but help the school out as well.

“We are new to this site,” said Katie Mather, a Forest Kindergarten Aid at the Laurel Tree Charter School. “So, Laurel Tree is new here after they bought this piece of property and so we kind of wanted to introduce ourselves to the community, what we are all about.”       

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There were 31 vendors at the maker’s fair selling all kinds of stuff like crystals, jewelry, homemade lotions and other hand crafted items.

The artists, vendors and the school were happy to get the opportunity to help each other out and hope that they can hold more events like these.

“Hopefully it’s going to be an annual event for Laurel Tree. An annual fundraising event for them,” said Fletcher.

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