Humboldt County health officials warn of potential move back to red tier following recent case spike


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — Humboldt County now has the 2nd highest Covid-19 case rate in the state, but remains in the orange tier this week. A week’s worth of red tier metrics has Humboldt County officials warning residents that a move to a more restrictive Covid-19 tier could happen.

As far as what that would look like, the County is working with the state. If things remain stable, the current outbreak is contained, and hospital capacity isn’t too impacted then County Health Officer Dr. Ian Hoffman says it’s unlikely we would go back to red.

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“The way for us to get this under control is to test broadly because we need to know where the cases are, to participate with the investigations, let our investigators know who you’ve been in contact with so they can place those people on quarantine and get them tested and stop the spread of this new variant that is spreading in our community,” Dr. Hoffman adds.

The yo-yo back and forth between tiers brings up concerns about pandemic fatigue. Public Health Director Michele Stephens reminds residents that we still need to protect community members that can’t get vaccinated and are still susceptible to the virus.

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“We have to really think about the people that are the most vulnerable that are still out there that are getting really sick. We reported at the board of supervisors meeting yesterday that there are kids that are getting Covid-19, these variants, that are getting sicker than they were previously,” according to Stephens.

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Dr. Hoffman says a move to the less restrictive yellow tier is likely many weeks away given the recent level of cases being reported in the county.