Mussel quarantine in effect through October, can be used for bait not human consumption


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)-The Annual quarantine on mussels collected by recreational harvesters is in full swing on the California Coast.

The quarantine is in effect from the Oregon border, down to the border of Mexico, the California Department of Public Health says all bays, inlets and harbors are included but does not apply to commercially harvested shellfish.

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California has the longest-standing Biotoxin Monitoring Program in the country and was created in response to a massive paralytic shellfish poisoning episode, according to CDPH, which started on May 5th and will continue through October.

Mussels can be harvested, if it is not for human consumption.

Britton Carson IS A sales representative for Englund Marine & Industrial Supply in Crescent City.

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“They’re under quarantine, you don’t want to eat them. You can still harvest mussels for fish bait, for like surf perch and stuff like that, but you do not want to consume them. If you consume them, it might make you sick. I wouldn’t suggest it.”

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Call the Biotoxin information line (800) 553-4133, for more information click here.