The Creamery District in Arcata was filled with people for the 31st Annual Oyster Festival


ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- The 31st Annual Oyster Festival, renamed this year, The Oyster Festival Express was today, but this year it was a bit different.

Last year, the streets were quiet and empty at the Arcata Plaza for the Oyster Festival because of the pandemic, but this year the streets were full of very excited people.

“Fantastic, wonderful, incredible. It’s just so awesome to finally be out with people and hearing live music and not having to wear a mask all the time you know after a year of being couped up,” said Paul Vegnani, a festival attendee. “It just feels really, really good.”

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Normally, the festival is held at the Arcata Plaza, but this year the festival was being celebrated all across Humboldt County.

For folks that did not feel comfortable, there was a live stream on the Arcata Main Street’s website. but the main event was held in the Creamery District in front of the Arcata Playhouse.

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“We have a little party going on here at the pub parking lot with some different local beverage creators, we have some food trucks and then we have art vendors a lot of whom are often found at our Sunday art markets,” said Shoshanna Rose, the event coordinator for Arcata Main Street.

Like many other events, it has been more than a year since this festival has been able to bring people together to enjoy music and see their fellow community members faces, but Arcata Main Street is glad that things worked out to bring back this local tradition.

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“It’s just delightful that we were able to get this together enough to have something for the community to enjoy because we know that everyone wants a big thing but just being able to have that infrastructure takes a lot of months,” Rose said. “So, it’s exciting to have something that got together.”