Tourism Increases in Humboldt County and So does the Delta Variant

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- Humboldt County has always had a high number of tourists, other than a short dip in the middle of 2020. The Redwoods are continuing to attract people from all over the west coast. 

“We’ve started to see an influx in visitors and it hasn’t stopped. According to our most recent information, Humboldt County saw more visitors than before,” said Julie Benbow, executive director at Humboldt County Visitors Bureau. 

Tourists coming to Humboldt County are bringing the Coronavirus and the more contagious Delta Variant and that has Julie Benbow concerned. 

“We’re trying to be as gracious and welcoming to our visitors as we can. The bureau is putting out the message, welcome but please be patient and respectful,” said Benbow. 

It’s even reached the point to where tourism officials are telling people not to come to Humboldt in an effort to get Covid-19 under control.

In the meantime, the Humboldt County Visitors Bureau is working on enforcing another mask mandate while encouraging the community to get vaccinated.

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