RV Residents in Crescent City Believe They are Being Wrongfully Evicted During Harbor Project

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. (KIEM)- The Crescent City Harbor District said they are beginning a project to improve the harbor and surrounding areas. Their goal to allow more public access and its use as a commercial fishing port. They stated the revenue is increasing but could do a lot better if the surrounding area is modified.

The Harbor is home to two RV Parks, Redwood Harbor Village and Bayside RV Park.

“If we assume 65% occupancy at the RV parks, we’re currently losing almost $900,000 a year on those spaces,” said Tim Petrick, CEO of Crescent City Harbor District.

Harbor District officials stated the RV parks were never meant to be for long term residency.  

However, many residents at the parks believe they are being wrongfully evicted. Many of them are retired, disabled veterans who fear of being homeless when it is time to relocate. 

“We have no place to go. We’re stuck on the street here. We’ll be living on the streets in the middle of the parking lot, probably the Walmart parking lot,” said Leonard Franklin, Bayside RV Park resident.

Many RV Parks have requirements on the types and condition of trailers that are allowed at the parks in case of emergency evacuations. Chris Johns in Crescent City said he lives in a 1990 model trailer and he does not know of a single park that will allow in his mobile home. 

“If they evict us, that will put me on the street. I am 70 years old. I am a disabled Vietnam veteran, US Air Force,” said Chris Johns, Bayside RV Park resident.

The district officials also say the rumors to unlawfully evict the tenants are false. They stated the housing council and even the harbor will help the residents find new homes when the time comes to relocate.  

They stated they are in the early stages in this project and no notices of evictions have been given to tenants who have been paying their rent. 

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