New K9 Added to Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office to Combat Drug Problem in the Facility


CRESCENT CITY, Calif. (KIEM)- An officer from the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department said illegal drugs and other substances found in the correctional facility from prisoners is standard. The department received a new edition to the team to combat this, a trusty new canine named Harley.

“There’s always challenges brought into the facility primarily with illegal drugs and narcotics. With Harley being around, he’s going to make it easier to detect closer proximity where the drugs could be and give us a better location,” said Enrique Ortega, Sergeant from Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department.

A drug dog and a bite/attack dog are both apart of their team now. They believe when Harley is introduced to the Crescent City community, there will be less cases when it comes to drugs in the facility.  

“He can be utilized as a deterrent. If you’re someone that’s going into custody in the jail, whether a sentence or a commitment and thought about bringing contraband, you’ll think twice because you know Harley will be waiting for you. It can also be an additional charge,” said Sheriff Erik Apperson. 

The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office is currently in the switch of department heads as Sheriff Apperson recently announced his intention to resign. They are planning on bringing in one more canine to the unit, that is both a drug and bite/attack dog.