HUMBOLDT, Calif.(KIEM)- The U.S Forest Service hasn’t announced the exact day they will cut the U.S Capitol Christmas Tree but did hint that the Christmas Tree will be cut in late October. 

The day will be released in the next few weeks. since the tree’s location is difficult to get to, the u.s forest service will be live streaming it on their Facebook account.

Starting October 29th, the Christmas tree will then be taking a few stops in Humboldt and Del Norte County. The first stop is in Crescent city; it will then move to Eureka, Willow Creek, and Fortuna before traveling further south down the 101 and making its way to Washington D.C. 

“Think of it as an educational traveling museum. You can look at artifacts; there will be a QR code for interactive websites to learn more. You can see pictures and hear audio, and watch the video, and people you can talk to. You might even see our famous icon woodsy owl with his huge if you give a hoot; don’t pollute. And if you lend a hand and care for the land with his catchphrases, he will be there. On-site too,” Samantha Reho, Spokesperson for U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree.

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