Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise held its drive-by Oktoberfest Dinner


ARCATA, Calif.(KIEM)- The Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise hosted its Oktoberfest dinner once again. But for the 2nd year now, they choose to stay safe due to covid by keeping it a drive-by event.

The Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise hosted its drive-by Oktoberfest dinner for the first time last year. The drive-by was a success its first time, causing them to sell out, and this year they have done it again.

“In these times, it’s kind of an interesting challenge to figure out creative and safe ways to raise money for community organization, and one of the things that we came up with is the ability for people to make drive-thru take away dinners,” Jessica McKnight, Volunteer with Rotary club of Arcata Sunrise.

All the orders were pre-ordered online at But the event did sell out.

“Every dollar raised from this fundraiser goes back into the community; all the volunteers that you see that are cooking, prepping, greeting, and giving away the food, they are 100 percent volunteers,” said Aj Gonzales, Volunteer with the Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise. 

The proceeds from this event will be going towards backpacks for kids, scholarships, and other community projects.

The volunteers prepared dinner at the Arcata Community Center, but the drive-by Oktoberfest dinner was at The Griffin on 10th street.

“Thank you for your support of the rotary club of Arcata sunrise; we appreciate it. And if you have ideas for us, connect with us because we would be happy to connect and talk about projects in our community,” said Jessica McKnight.