Humboldt County parents participated in the statewide walkout


HUMBOLDT, Calif.(KIEM)- Humboldt County parents participated in the statewide walkout. The rally took place in front of the Humboldt County Courthouse. Community members met early this morning with posters in hand, along with their kids. 

I spoke to Ferndale parents that didn’t participate in the rally but did choose not to send their kids to school in support of it.

“The parents of the students are not okay with this, and if we are not in a class locally, then that puts pressure up the line,” said Christinna Chapman, parent of a student at Ferndale High School.

A parent in Ferndale mentioned that the school hasn’t reached out to the parents to ask their thoughts on the mandate.  

“I’m very much a supporter of how the schools are serving parents in educating our children, and I would like them to remember that they are public servants; they are doing us a service. We work in union with each other; they can’t just force things upon us without discussing it with us,” said Tyrel Branwell, a parent at Ferndale High School.   

Fortuna Superintendent spoke about how the walkouts are impacting the schools.

“The sad thing is this kind of protest does not have any impact on the school at all other than the fact that there is a loss of funding when the students aren’t going to school. But the impact on the students staying home doesn’t have any bearing on the vaccination status going to take place in school; it doesn’t do anything about what we can and can’t do,” said Jeff Northern, Superintendent at Fortuna Elementary School District. 

If the covid-19 vaccine receives full approval from the Food and Drug Administration, it will be added to the list of vaccinations required to attend school in person.

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