Eureka City Schools have lifted the outdoor mask mandate


EUREKA, Calif.(KIEM)- Eureka City Schools have lifted the outdoor mask mandate for all schools except Winzler Children’s Center. They sent out a voicemail message to all parents, informing them that students are no longer required to wear masks outdoors.

“Last week they lifted the mandate for mask and made it a recommendation, so that’s actually what we have done in our schools as well with the exception of their pre-school where students are much more closed to each other and touching each other we made it a recommendation outdoors as well,” said Fred Van Vleck,  Superintendent at Eureka City Schools.

Van Vleck mentioned that all along, students spend the majority of their time maskless outdoors since outside is where students eat. Making the outdoor mask mandate not much of a drastic change. 

“Working with students to get them to pull up their mask is necessary from time to time, but they have been very cooperative in that effort in wearing their mask indoors,” said Fred Van Vleck.

 Public Health Officials made a statement saying the indoor mask mandate will be lifted when there are consistently low and stable cases of covid-19, consistently low and stable hospital impact of respiratory viruses including covid-19, and improved community protection with vaccination.