Transgender Community Members in Humboldt Speak on Their Issues This Transgender Awareness Week

Transgender flags holding by people on a demontration
Transgender flags holding by people on a demontration

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)- Transgender Awareness Week is a week long celebration and observance leading up to Transgender Day, November 20th, a day that honors victims of transphobic violence. 

“In Humboldt County, I want to focus on black trans-women because we are more likely to die every year. The numbers are continuing to get worse. This year alone been the most deadly for black trans-women in decades,” said Nikki Valencia (She/Her), Arcata resident.

Many transgender people say a lot of them do not come forward to start their transition because the services they need differ severely even among the LGBTQ community. Eureka resident, Cameron Kenney, said he working on a project that he hopes will improve local resources for transgender community members in Humboldt County. 

“I advocate for better health care resources, ways to better educate the healthcare people in Humboldt County. This goes for doctors and nurses. This is common here, I have seen discrimination firsthand,” said Cameron Kenney (He/They), Eureka resident. 

The Raven Project in Eureka holds the event, Queer Coffee House on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Queer community members have a safe haven to discuss topics around being LGBTQ.

The organization also provides information on transition resources for members looking for safe methods. 

“I’m apart of the LGBTQ community as a pansexual woman. I absolutely feel like it’s my obligation and my privilege to support trans people. There is way less visibility for them than the other the gay communities,” said Bibi Montag (She/Her), McKinleyville resident.