EPD Reassures Their Safety Protocols are Successful After a Lockdown at Eureka High School

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- Eureka Police are seeking to reassure parents and students about safety in the wake of a school lockdown that caused some tense moments.

The lockdown yesterday at Eureka High School was triggered by a student who brought a bIBI gun to the school.

Police surrounded the building and blocked off nearby roads. Teachers were told not to answer doors or phone calls after a report of a person with a gun.

It’s all part of what police tell us are the safety protocols they have in place which were utilized yesterday.

There is also a school resource officer for Eureka City Schools who serves as the first line of contact for school officials with reports of problems.

Police say those safety measures are successful in keeping students and faculty safe and yesterday was an example of that.

“I would love to see more security at all of the schools, I think this is something as a society we should do to protect our children. However I do think the security measures we have at the eureka city schools, the school resource officer and our response time are capable of incidents such as yesterday,” said Captain Brian Stephens, Captain at Eureka Police Department.

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