Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office warning community members of beach and trailheads car break-ins


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif.(KIEM)- The Humboldt County Sheriff’s office reports of car break-ins at beaches and trailheads, which are part of an overall spike in the county of car burglaries and thefts.     

“So what we see a lot of are burglaries. Specifically, in-vehicle burglaries, we see many instances of people breaking windows to get access into people’s vehicles. That are parked alongside beaches and trailheads,” said Samantha Karges, Public Information Specialist for Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Unfortunately, this type of crime happens very quickly and, in many instances, leaves very little evidence, which makes it very difficult to investigate.

“We do see a lot of burglaries in the Trinidad area along Baker beach. As well as the Samoa jetty area. Oftentimes we see a lot of vehicles parked in more remote parking areas. In places where they don’t have a lot of vehicles in them. Which will become targets of burglaries,” said Samantha Karges.

As warmer temperatures and sunny skies can draw you to the beaches this weekend, here are some things to keep in mind.

The Sheriff’s Office wants the public to follow the “leave nothing” model.

  1. Keep the interior of your vehicle “showroom” clean. Always remove valuables from inside your vehicle. NEVER leave purses, bags, briefcases and wallets inside your vehicle unattended.
  2. Think twice when storing valuables in your trunk. If your vehicle is equipped with a trunk release button on the inside, car prowlers can easily access your vehicle’s trunk space. While “hiding” items in your trunk may reduce the chance for your vehicle to be a target, the action will not completely protect you from theft.
  3. Remove garage door openers, key cards, and house, work or car keys from your vehicle.
  4. Always lock your vehicle, even if you are home. In public places, it may be tempting to leave your vehicle windows down to avoid vandalism. However, this puts you at even more risk, leaving vehicle registration and insurance information accessible to anyone nearby and increasing your chances of falling victim to identity theft, burglaries at your home and vehicle theft.
  5. Ensure your car insurance covers glass damage and consider installing a more sensitive car alarm system.

“A lot of times, people tend to think that we are not going to do anything about it, so why call it in? We need you to call it in immediately when it happens because the longer you wait, the colder the trail goes,” said”Samantha Karges.