EPD and Timber Heritage Association clean up 15-Hundred pounds of trash 


EUREKA, Calif.(KIEM)- A significant spring cleanup effort took place across Eureka today. The Timber Heritage Association and Eureka Police are teaming up to make it happen.

They were cleaning up along the railroad tracks through the town, picking up about 15-hundred pounds of trash today. The waterfront park ranger tells us that this month alone, they have been able to clean up about 7-thousand pounds of trash.

They’re also trying to help out those living in the homeless camps they are cleaning out.

“We pick up shopping carts and trash and encampments, and we also work with people to get them housing. We also helped a guy we got into a hotel room who is going to work on getting stable housing a then when he goes and does that it’s easier and faster,” said Park Ranger Ross with Eureka Police.