Arcata will receive $18 million for housing grant

ARCATA, Calif.(KIEM)- The city of Arcata is receiving an 18-million dollar grant from the state of California to transform a hotel into housing for the homeless.

The Arcata Red Roof Inn on Valley West Boulevard will undergo the conversation.

This project is one of ten across the state, receiving 136 million dollars in project home key funding this week.

Those projects are aimed at providing nearly 5-hundred housing units.

Danco communities will purchase the 79-unit hotel in Arcata.

The developer will then work with the Redwood Community Action Agency to provide support services and housing.

“This is a really cool program because it doesn’t just provide housing. It actually has a lot of wraparound services as well. So they provide, you know, everything from mental health services to social services, you know, job counseling. They support people to get other services from other government entities if they’re available,” said David Loya, City of Arcata Community Development Director.

Meanwhile, the City of Eureka is getting a separate one million dollar federal grant to find housing and emergency shelters for the homeless.

Those funds will also expand outreach and health services through the community access project.

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