ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM) Arcata City Council member Brett Watson spoke out yesterday evening, May 17, 2022, at a special council meeting to discuss sexual harassment allegations against him. 

In a statement, Councilor Watson vehemently denies the charges, saying he never sexually propositioned a female city staffer and is maintaining that the relationship was consensual. But a 600 page report outlines what investigators call ‘credible evidence’, that watson became ‘obsessed’ with the staffer and repeatedly sexually harassed her. 

That report is the latest in a string of incidents involving Mr. Watson, who is also a former Arcata mayor. Among those was his arrest last year by the CHP on charges of drug possession. 

In January, the city hired an outside investigations firm to look into allegations that he violated the city’s anti-harassment policy. The report made public earlier this month concludes it is an ‘undisputed’ fact that he did, but mr.Watson claims the report is filled with false and bias conclusions. 

Because he is an elected official, the city has limited options available to discipline him. An attorney is recommending Arcata pursue a restraining order against Watson.