The Kinetic Grand Championship is back

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Cali. (KIEM)- It was the quest for glory in what’s known as the triathlon of the art world we’re talking about the Kinetic Grand Championship sculpture race.

The Kinetic grand championship that expands through the three days Memorial Day weekend has come to its final day. The human-powered all-terrain Kinetic sculptures had many spectators waiting for them along the finish line on Main street in Ferndale.

“We did all virtual for the last two years. This is our first year back. We’re so excited. Everybody’s here. It’s amazing. We’re really happy to be back,” said Jessica Pearson, Queen Glitterina.

Teams from all over the U.S.  participated in the 50-mile race throughout Humboldt County going through roads, beaches, dunes, trails, rivers, and towns to complete the race.

“I’ve been doing this for 18 years and I’ve never gotten an ace. And this is my first time ever getting an ace,” said The Lemonheads.

The racers got started in Arcata and made their way down to Ferndale making it a bitter-sweet moment for them to end the race they had been working hard for.

“The journey is the destination… So as glorious as the finish is, I had just as much fun every other moment as the race as I did on that glorious finish,” said Topher Reynolbs, Team Marblehead’s.

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