The Lightning Complex Fire is currently 10,781 acres with 0% containment

Smoke from the Six Rivers fires.

WILLOW CREEK, Calif. (KIEM)- The wildfires in the Six Rivers Lightning Complex grew overnight, bringing the total acres burned up to 10,781 acres with zero containment.  

“Yesterday afternoon, there was a window of opportunity for air attack. And so, air attack was able to get lots of buckets on the fire all over the north zone of the fire. In the south zone of the fire there was more active activity in the afternoon as well with the clear skies. So that was where we saw the most growth for the fire,” said Deanna Seil with the Six Rivers National Forest Service.

Within the last 24 hours the number of personnel assigned to the complex fire has doubled. the The fires is currently under unified command which allows for access to many more resources.

“We now have 1,245 resources assigned to this incident, and they are doing both indirect and direct when safe to do so…we are trying our best to keep it as small as possible in as little time as possible,” said Deanna Seil.

The fire started off with 12 lightning strikes that have now been contained to five. Planning Operation section Chief tells us as the fires expand, they expect them to grow into each other and become a larger fire.

“So our current strategy is to utilize road systems and ridge lines to suppress a fire in a tactical way that firefighters are safe to engage in on the fire,” said Zeth Michelle, Planning Operation Section Chief for Six Rivers Lightning Complex Fire.

PG&E lines have been damaged due to the fires causing power outages. Currently efforts are being made to secure a cell tower that provides communication to Willow Creek.

“Get two different types of fire behavior throughout the day. So, in the mornings it’s relatively low and calm. And then in late afternoon and going into the evening for activity, it has been increasing,” said Zeth Michelle.

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