Yesterday it was announced that the port project for offshore wind is underway here in Humboldt county. 

This afternoon (Oct. 27) locals, officials, and US Congressman Jared Huffman gathered at Woodley Island to celebrate a new partnership between Humboldt Bay Harbor District and Crowley Wind Services. This new partnership will help accelerate the process of the Port Project.

“This can absolutely honor labor, tribal, commercial fishing and community agreements in a way that is going to be just great,” Huffman said. 

The Offshore Wind project will not only bring clean and renewable energy, but many union job opportunities for the community. 

“Now, I expect this latest venture will provide many in Humboldt County with not just dozens, not just hundreds, but thousands of good paying jobs in an industry with tons of potential,” Huffman said. 

This public-private partnership will support both federal and state government goals to develop more american offshore wind power and reduce greenhouse gas emissions…

“Clean energy production is obviously critical to meeting the world’s climate change, while providing the power that we need to continue to improve lives and grow the economy,” Huffman said.  

The Humboldt Bay Harbor District is planning on completing the design and permitting by mid-2024. 

“I think it confirms that the future is very bright in Humboldt County and for the north coast,” Huffman said.

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