Solstice the Seasonal Pop-Up Shop is Back!

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) – A seasonal store that changes location annually. Solstice is a holiday pop-up shop unique to Humboldt County. 

“It’s a curated shop that features things that you can’t find in Humboldt and also beloved local makers,” said Raelina Krikston, Creative Director of The Stuudiio and owner of Solstice.  

The business was born out of the pandemic. The storefront provides a space for local and global makers alike to display their goods without being physically present. 

“In this way, we can create a safe shopping experience that still helps to support the local economy and the local makers,” said Kirkston. 

This year they’re stationed at the Clarke Historical Museum in Old Town Eureka. 

“In the front half, this is where we have our solstice pop-up shop,” said Kirkston. “And in the back, the Clark Museum still has all of their displays and exhibits.”

Crocheted jewelry, organic detergent, and handmade cutting boards. The list of intriguing treasures goes on. 

The holiday pop-up shop will have its doors open in Old Town at 240 E St. Eureka till December 26th. 

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