Fire Arts Arcata Will Host Their Annual Holiday Sale Next Week


The Fire Arts Center in Arcata will be holding their annual Holiday Sale starting next Friday (Nov. 25); a perfect place to find a unique holiday gift. 

Creative Director of the Arcata Fire Arts Center, Elizabeth P. Johnson is looking forward to inviting the community to have a chance to look and/or purchase these creative artworks. And since Covid-19 restrictions have lifted, the arts center is introducing something new this year for the Holiday Sale. 

“We’ve been doing holiday sales for 21 years and what’s different is having it multiple weekends,” Johnson said. “Normally we would only have it as a three day event, it starts the day after thanksgiving and then it goes every consecutive weekend up until Christmas Eve.” 

The sale will feature multiple community artists  who have created ceramic pieces of all shapes and sizes.

“We have so many members that have an opportunity to sell their work,” Johnson said. “So there’s such a variety that’s available to the public, I’d say over 30 members will be participating,” Johnson said.

The Fire Arts Center has been a part of Arcata for almost 22 years and has been home to over hundreds of members. Johnson expressed the pride and joy she feels for the center and how it’s evolved. 

“It’s like a child and you’re recognizing that your child’s going off to college,” Johnson said. “That development that can happen through the years, well, the Fire Art Center started out very small and it’s continued to be part of the community and welcoming everyone to come to the Fire Arts Center.”

Class registration for January will open up next week on the 21st this month. The center is offering at least 14 different classes for ceramics makers of all sorts of backgrounds. Classes for beginners are also available. For more information about the center and how to get involved check out