Fortuna Construction Company Receives the First Volvo All-Electric Compact Wheel Loader in North America


FORTUNA, Calif. (KIEM) – Silent construction, two words you typically don’t hear together, but this piece of equipment allows for exactly that.

“They are amazing machines,” said Kelly Killingsworth, owner of Kelco Construction in Fortuna. 

This morning Killingsworth became the owner of the first Volvo Electric Compact Wheel Loader in all of North America.

And get this, it’s completely silent.

“We can sit here and talk, even if the machine is on. Which it’s on right now. We can sit here and talk. With the diesel engine, we could not,” said Killingsworth. 

The machine reduces noise pollution as well as exhaust emissions. 

Ed Galindo, E-Mobility Project Manager for Volvo says that the machine is much more environmentally friendly and provides the same performance as a diesel engine. 

“This is based off a diesel platform. But clearly you can see this is not a diesel engine. These are lithium batteries. There is six of them here. You got 40 kilowatt hours,” said Galindo. 

Galindo explained that a diesel engine puts out unnecessary vibrations, emissions, and noise. The new Volvo Electric Compact Wheel Loader does not. 

Safety is another huge benefit. The lack of noise allows for construction workers to communicate better.

“It’s going to make my life a lot easier, but it’s also going to make my employees safer,” said Killingsworth. “

Although Killingsworth is the first Californian to receive the high-tech machinery, more are scheduled to be delivered in the coming weeks. 

“I really do think, especially here in California, it is a game changer,” said Galindo. “People are moving, manufacturers are moving into the realm of zero emissions. You already see it with a lot of smaller equipment, lawn mowers, blowers, things of that nature. And, now you’re getting into construction equipment.”