Save the Date this Saturday to Join, A Walk to End Human Trafficking

A flyer for "Walk to End Human Trafficking" this Saturday (Jan. 7).

January is Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Month. This weekend and all month, you can support organizations that are fighting to end human trafficking in Humboldt county. One organization is E.P.I. which stands for Empower. Protect. Invest

E.P.I is hosting their first ever “Walk to End Human Trafficking” event this Saturday from 1-4pm at Carson park. Katrina Taylor, the awareness director for E.P.I. explained the rising issue of human trafficking within Humboldt county. 

“Many years ago, people here in Humboldt county had no idea that human trafficking was happening here,” Taylor said. “You know, it’s not as visual today as it used to be because most of the marketing is going online, however, it’s still happening here in Humboldt county.”

Even though it is scheduled to rain this Saturday, E.P.I. is determined to see the walk go on.

“I feel like a couple hours or minutes out in the rain is nothing compared to those individuals who are being exploited,” Taylor said. “They don’t get the luxury of saying whether or not they want to go in the rain, so we’re going to keep going rain, sleet, or snow.”

Everyone is welcome to join with just a quick registration found on E.P.I’s Facebook page.

“You can register with just a registration fee of only $25, if you want a shirt, it’ll be $35,” Taylor said. “Or you can have someone sponsor you per lap around Carson park.”

Although it is their first official walk, E.P.I. is planning to make it an annual event and the fight continues year round.

“We all learn the do’s and dont’s this year and then next year hope to make it better,” Taylor said.

For more information about E.P.I. or the event, visit:

If you or someone you know are in need of help, contact this hotline: (707) 599-1415

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