The Great Gray Whale Migration is Heading up toward Humboldt County

It’s almost spring, which means that the Northbound Gray Whale Migration is underway. Thousands of gray whales are starting to make their way up north now that mating season is over. Businesses like Kayak Trinidad are gearing up for another great season of whale watching tours

“I believe it is actually the longest migration on earth and usually sometime in late March to mid April to early May is kind of the peak,” Jason Self; the owner of Kayak Trinidad said. 

With thousands of gray whales making their way up from the Baja Peninsula Kayak Trinidad gets updates all across the west coast.

“They typically take the same couple of paths through Trinidad every year and so over the years, we’ve kind of learned where to position our groups,” Self said. “And we are tied in with the West Coast Gray Whale Spotting Network, and so every day we get reports from folks from San Diego up to Mando, and they’re giving us the counts, what they saw.”

Since 2019– the gray whale population has decreased by about 38%–with climate change–warming temperature of the ocean–acidification–and freshwater input from melting glaciers– food sources have dispersed–leaving many whales starving.

Kayak Trindad not only takes people on amazing adventures but with with each tour–they hope to spread awareness on issues like these. Not just gray whales, but all sea life.  

“What we tell our staff and our guides is that every tour is an opportunity to create an ocean advocate,” Self said. “And really we’re just trying to give people a reason to care.”

If you’re interested in seeing one up close this spring–Kayak Trinidad is who you need to contact this time of year. 

“It’s pretty amazing, they come right through the bay in the harbor with their calves–the calves are super curious and a lot of times will come right up to the boats,” Self said. “I can’t even really explain it like I’ve been doing this for 17-16 years and I mean, every time I’m close to a whale, my heart is racing and it’s just one of the most, I think, one of the most spectacular things you can possibly do in a kayak on the ocean is, you know, close encounters with great whales is just magnificent.”

These kayak tours go year round. If you miss the migration, there are other opportunities to see harbor seals–jellyfish–and a variety of other marine life. 

Kayak Trinidad provides all the gear that you need, included with the price of booking. You don’t need previous kayaking experience to join a tour and it is for all ages. 

For more information check out their website: 

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