A mother found her car covered in unknown human or animal feces


A local new mother discovered her car covered in unknown human or animal feces three days after her first Mother’s Day this year in Ferndale.  

“I noticed the pile of feces on the ground, there was like a big mound on the ground that they had dropped and I looked up and I saw that my windows were smeared all across and the door handle,” Jasmine Monroe said. 

Monroe discovered her vehicle covered in unknown feces in her home in Ferndale while her friend was doing some work around the property.  According to Monroe, she called the Fenalde Police Department (FPD) to make a full report and they took her statement over the phone. The Ferndale Police Department did not send an officer to look at the damage, said Monroe. 

“I took my own pictures,” Monroe said. “I was the one who walked to the alley looking for any other evidence. I called again the next morning before I cleaned my vehicle to ask if someone would actually come and take a report, and they still said no.”

Monroe added this isn’t the first time she experiences harmful acts in the surrounding area she lives in. She was born and raised in Humboldt County. However, she is unsure about the motives behind this experience. Monroe asked for clarity and further information from anyone that has it and is willing to share it to help her case. 

“Unfortunately, there is someone that could be upset with me enough to do that,” Monroe said. “But I also live in this town where I’m not certain that it is that person because this isn’t the first time that something has happened to me. I have been the victim of bigotry and racism in this town since I was a little kid. My family has lived in this house since 76. I’m just the only person in my family who looks like me.”

People are encouraged by Monroe to contact her on social media if they have any information or possible insight on this incident or to report it to the Ferndale Police Department. 

“Like I said it’s not the first time something’s happened in this town. I’ve been followed in stores and stared at since I was little,” Monroe said “But this is certainly the worst thing that’s happened and I hate to think how many other people might have actually happened to that were silenced as well. Or even too afraid to even say anything. So I would just like something done about it and at the very least, to have it known that it’s happening.”

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