Krave: A new thrift store gem


In between Pacific Paradise and the Crystalline Collective is a bright neon green building named Krave– a new thrift gem that is locally owned providing affordable finds, upcycled clothing and unique art made by local artists. 

“The inspiration behind Krave was kind of my notice of like the lack of really affordable shops like this in town,” said Kai Flores the owner of Krave. “I feel like there’s a lot of shops that cater to the tourists and not a lot of shops that cater to the college kids and the lower income community. So and since I’m a part of that community, I wanted to make something beautiful for us.”

Flores, the owner of Krave, opened their business in a previous location in Sunnybrae and relocated one month after the official opening to 1073 H St in Arcata in April 2023. With the support of their father, they were able to transform her vision into reality. Flores’s inspiration to build Krave was after selling their fashion at the local flea market.

“I did a flea market and I was like, this is really fun, I like that,” Flores said. “So that’s kind of where it started and then my other sister-in-law, Emma, actually named it Krave.”

At Krave thrift store, people can expect to find affordable reused or up-cycled clothing, vintage styles, home decor and appliances along with local art. According to Flores, people are encouraged to donate their clothing in clean condition. Flores mentioned that they are open to taking gently ripped or torn items to upcycle and give them a new purpose.

“That’s a fun thing to do if you’re bored on a Friday or Saturday night, you can come here,” Flores said. “I always have music going and you’re welcome to shop or hang out. I want it to be a safe space for queer and BIPOC people to come to. And I mean everyone, of course, but especially marginalized people that don’t always get to feel safe and welcomed. That’s a really important part of my business.”