Local digital creator builds online community with podcasting 


A life and mindset coach is building an online community through digital content from her at-home office in Loleta. 

“My inspiration is that I am a millennial Latina from the hood without a college degree,” said Brenda Juarez the local digital creator. “When I really started learning about mindset, I realized, wow, if these tools were given to us in these communities, in these underserved communities, the difference that could come out, [in] ten, 20 years–just amazing to see. And I want to be a part of that.”

Juarez is an entrepreneur who started her own podcast called “Toxica in Recovery”. (Toxica translates to toxic). Juarez is building an online community through her work and is providing a platform for “Latinas who don’t have degrees and want to live the life they daydream about.” 

On the podcast “Toxica in Recovery”, people can listen to stories about trauma, healing, the power of community and other topics that center around culture and personal upbringing. She adds that everyone has toxic thoughts and that the recovery part is a “long recovery because this is forever work that we do on ourselves,” Juarez said. 

“That is my passion,” Juarez said. “That is how I know that I can help you with tools and that if you’re ready to be unstuck or to grow in any aspect of your life, any area of your life, like that’s what we’re [here] for.”

Juarez is self-made and pursued this path of life coaching out of a passion to help her community. One day she hopes to return to her hometown, Watts, Los Angeles to share her skills and be a part of youths’ developmental growth. For the moment, Juarez is applying her life and mindset coaching skills to her growing online platform and podcast.

For people who are interested in learning more about Juarez’s work and want to connect people can find her on Instagram at brenjlifecoaching or toxicainrecovery. 

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