Stronger Starts: A First Five campaign to help families address toxic stress in children under five


Stronger Starts is a First 5 California campaign designed to help families address toxic stress in children under five. The symptoms of toxic stress vary. 

The Executive Director of First 5 California, Jackie Wong, shares four interventions that the campaign is trying to promote to help with toxic stress those are: approach children with a loving and open manner, be steady and consistent with your tone, be present and nurturing when talking to them and spend time bonding. Wong adds that routines are also important. 

“If you can go to bed at the same time, have meals at the same time, make sure that you are there starting school for the first time, visiting campuses, making sure that they’re familiar with adults on campus,” Wong said. 

Toxic stress can impact brain development, learning and autoimmune systems in young children. Along with the ability to focus and do well in school. First 5 California website has further information and resources for parents, caretakers and guardians to help guide them on how to take care of toxic stress with their children.

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