People vibed for the garden to thrive at the Humboldt Botanical Garden summer concert event


Redwood News reporter vibed alongside Humboldt County residents during the Humboldt Botanical Garden’s summer concert event. The proceeds of the music series go towards the operations of the garden.

People who attended the concert shared their responses to the question, Why are you here at today’s show?

“Oh my gosh, we’re so excited to be here,” said Pam Halstead, a Humboldt resident. “It’s a beautiful day and we love this music. Irie Rockerz are incredible.”

The Irie Rockerz is a reggae band based in Humboldt County. Their band blends Jamaican music and the rock roots of California to make their unique sound. 

“This is fantastic, the botanical gardens and the concerts are very enjoyable,” said Ted Halstead, a community member. “And who doesn’t like reggae?”

The Humboldt Botanical Garden hosts concerts every first and third Sunday starting at 1 p.m. until the month of October.