The $15 million Super Lotto Plus ticket was sold in Fortuna, the winner is unknown


There is a new multi-millionaire passing through our area or maybe even lives right here. Wednesday night the California Lottery announced one ticket that matched all six numbers in Super Lotto Plus. The ticket was sold at a Shell gas station in Fortuna.

The person who won is still unknown. The California Lottery will not know who the jackpot winner is until they come forward to claim their prize.

While the winner gets $15 million, the shell gas station where the ticket was sold will get $75 thousand.

Redwood News reporter went to the lucky gas station to ask what would you do with the money?

β€œI keep working, buy a new house, maybe a couple of new cars, set my kids up and spend the rest,” said Alfred Larson, a customer. β€œIt’s a surprise to me that somebody won. I’m from Crescent City, so yeah, it’s a surprise that somebody this close won. I’m always expecting it, but it seems to me that it always happens in bigger cities and then way out in the weeds sometimes.”

If you bought a ticket Wednesday night, take a look at the winning California Lottery numbers: 2, 3, 16, 25, 41–and mega ball 12. If that is your ticket, you have 180 days to claim your prize.