Ciencia Para Todos created a Spanish children’s book based on water and the sun


Inspired by the global lockdown in 2019, Ciencia Para Todos (Science For All) created a Spanish-focused children’s book based on water and the sun. The book includes engaging activities for readers to try.

“This book is important because it’s going to provide accessibility to a lot of Latin youth that may not have access to scientific information in their first language español,” said José Juan Rodriguez Gutierrez Hernandez Estrada, a board member of Ciencia Para Todos. “This book is important because it’s representation. It brings representation of Latin youth in the STEM field. It was created by first-generation Latinx students.”

The engaging activities “Ciencia Para Todos El Sol y La Agua” include how to purify water and how to make art out of the sun. The group designed and created the book for over two years. They printed about 315 copies.

“Making a scientific book in Spanish for kids helps bring in that language barrier and just like decimate it,” said Tania Estrada Rodriguez, another board member. “It helps bring kids and their families together with science and our Latino communities haven’t had the opportunity to engage in science because we think that we’re not capable enough or we hear certain stereotypes. But honestly, all of that is just imposter syndrome talking. Everyone can be a scientist if they want to.”

Latinx families in Humboldt County are being prioritized to receive a free copy. Ciencia Para Todos said they would love to print more and that’s where they need the community support to make it happen. Even though the book is for children, anyone can enjoy it.

“Science is for everyone and I’m super excited for our community to have access to this book,” Estrada Rodriguez said.

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