Local Rabbi shares a message about the unfolding events of the Israel-Gaza War


Many here at home are closely watching the unfolding events of the Israel-Gaza war. A Redwood News reporter spoke to a local Rabbi who shared that the best way for anyone to help is to educate themselves about this history of conflict. 

“In a time of this kind of crisis we have to keep our hearts open to feel sympathy for everyone involved,” said Rabbi Naomi Steinberg. “Because men, women, children, fighters, elders, government officials, police officers, farmers, ordinary people, everybody is caught up in this terrible cycle that was not of their own making. [This is] something that they all inherited.”

Rabbi Steinberg is a member of Rabbis For Human Rights– an Israeli organization that focuses on the rights of everyone, including Palestinians. 

“It’s very hard for us to watch this,” Steinberg said. “We’re heartbroken, but personally, I’m not surprised. Anyone who has been following the escalation of tension and violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories in the last year and a half, especially, knows that anything like this could have happened at any time.”

Keeping her heart open to feel sympathy for everyone involved is what Steinberg emphasized. She adds that she will pray for a safe return of those taken as hostages.