Preparation tips for the upcoming colder weather


With cold and freezing weather headed our way, it’s a great reminder about the four P’s.


For people – minimize your time outdoors and prepare for power outages.

Fill up your car to at least a half tank, in the event you’re stuck somewhere and need to keep the heater going.

Check on the elderly and vulnerable individuals.


For pets, keep your furbabies indoors as much as possible. But if they have to go outside, keep them bundled up.

For animals who stay outside all the time, create a warm space for them out of the wind and make sure their food and water doesn’t freeze.


For your plants, bring those inside, or cover them with fabric if they have to stay outdoors. Fabric coverings could include sheets, blankets, or towels.

Experts say if you have to use plastic, don’t let any of the plastic touch the plants, as it will trap moisture and cause more freeze problems than leaving the plant uncovered.


Insulate your pipes if possible. Open under sink cabinets to expose pipes to warmer air in your house.

Disconnect any outside hoses before a freeze.