Humboldt enjoys abnormally sunny day ahead of Graduation and Mothers day weekend


It’s a beautiful day here on the North Coast ahead of Mother’s Day and graduation weekend. 

People were out and about this Friday enjoying the warm weather. 

“This is incredible. To be able to sit here and enjoy this place is amazing. Because even when it’s rainy and stuff, today is a gift. Because we don’t get visitors maybe a few times a year, you know?” said Sarah and Mike Griffith of Eureka. 

“I walk around, talk to people and find out where they’re from. Like we had people from Norway here, Texas, Colorado and this just last week and this week. So we get people from all over South Carolina. When we moved here it never stopped raining. So that was even worse. But this week has been perfect. Yesterday was the first sunny day we’ve had for quite a while. I think it’s taken a while but it’s definitely hot and it’s very beautiful,’ Says Marilyn Pollock of Eureka. 

Visitors from out of town can also stop by the Eureka Visitors center for ideas. 

“Our ‘on’ season is pretty much May through October, September. This didn’t happen as much when I was little. I’ve lived here my whole life. But I would say in the past five years or so, we’ve been getting more and more beautiful days like this. So it’s been really nice recently,” says Madeira Seaman of the Eureka visitors center. 

This weekend is also a great time to visit the beach because of low winds. 

“Yeah, it’s our day off. Or just enjoying the nice weather. You know, it hasn’t been like this recently. It’s really nice. Especially the wind. Isn’t too bad, so, yeah”, says Caleb Ivey, Samoa beach goer. 

“It’s very welcoming with the way the weather has been the last two winters. So, yeah, reading water meters on a day like today is just fantastic because it’s been wet the rest of the year”, says Jason Klingonsmith. 

In Humboldt County I’m Tucker Caraway with Redwood News .